A consulting proposal example must clearly state a consultant’s experience in handling such matters, aims and objectives, way of working and fees for the benefit of the particular company to which he or she wants to be assigned as a consultant. In a competitive field, consultant proposals are best ways of judging a candidate’s knowledge and suitability.

Sample Consulting Proposal Example

Name: Marie Allen-Smith

Email id: Marie Allen-Smith@gmail.com

Nature of proposal: Outline of skills and a brief resume for the post of consultant for American Syndicate.

Previous experience: Have previously worked for other multinational companies like CTP and American Informatics.

Proposal for this project: I aim to work at solving any glitches that may occur in the smooth running of the project. I can troubleshoot and with my prior association with the HR department of major corporate giants, I have also developed efficient personnel management skills. This particular project needs the support of an external consultant as its stature and scope is tremendous.

Fees for consultancy services: $1000 per month till the time of completion of the project, after which remuneration will be reconsidered.

Skills: I am equipped with a management degree from a reputed institution (documents enclosed along with proposal). This enables me to get to the heart of the matter without much preempting.

Aims for this particular project: I aim at increasing the scope and customer base of the company by allowing, through this project, an exponential increase in the number of clients subscribing to the product.

I hope this consultation proposal is accepted by you.

Thanking you,

Marie Allen-Smith.