Consulting services proposals are basically documents which hope to aid and support a company with participation and advice provided on certain major projects of the mentioned company. Consultancy benefits both the consulting agency as well as the company which uses the agency’s input.

Sample Consulting Services Proposal

Name: E-solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1999

Los Angeles

Our aim: To highlight the unique skills brought in by our consulting agency. In a competitive market, one’s own capabilities must be presented and promoted effectively to attract attention and we hope to do the same.

What we mean by consultancy service: Consulting services proposal must, as the name indicates, present an outline of the services offered to the company seeking consultancy. This is exactly what we have tried to do. We have included an inventory of the technical and human resources of the company which can be utilized as the occasion may demand.

Fees: $2000 per month. Remuneration is negotiable after the completion of the first contract.

Documents enclosed: We have enclosed reference letters from our previous work outings. We have also enclosed a compact disc containing our specific proposals for your company.

Our technical and managerial resources: We work with the best core team of professionals in the business today who can add depth and richness to any project that comes our way. We also work with the most advanced and sophisticated software and other equipment.

We hope to hear from you soon regarding our proposal

Thanking you

Brian Rogers

Executive director

E-solutions Pvt. Ltd.