A consumer behavior research proposal is a document which is presented by an agency that deals with this kind of undertaking to a company, or a retail outlet or any other organization detailing the pattern of the customers’ behavior. It is a vital document especially in sales. The results can be used to improve areas which are weak and attract consumers to a company’s products and services.

Sample Consumer Behavior Research Proposal

Name of agency preparing the consumer behavior research proposal: Soft Arc Pvt. Ltd.

Consumer behavior research proposal commissioned by: The Supermarket Store

Estimated date of submission of proposal: 22nd June 2011

Nature of proposal:

  • This proposal is a study of consumer behavior in the above mentioned store. It traces consumer activity throughout a certain period of time and marks the interesting and definite trends that emerge.
  • The conclusions found are trends and not established facts. But the value of these trends lies in the fact that certain modifications introduced on the basis of these patterns will bring about a significant rise in sales.

The consumer behavior research proposal will be conducted by our trained professionals. This project is headed by Martha Jacobs, who is heading a team of five: Sarah Rogers, Brian Kennings, Daniel Micah, Roy Edgerton and Clara Klein.

Estimated cost of consumer behavior research project: $30000s

Time period for which the consumer behavior in the store, especially in retail, will be observed: 3 months.

The results will be circulated among the various departments of the store, as well as be available on our website.

Download Consumer Behavior Research Proposal