Consumer proposal example must highlight the basic purpose of a consumer proposal which is that of assessing the needs of the consumer in respect of a particular product. They must be written carefully addressing all aspects of consumer queries. They can be beneficial if handled correctly in elevating the quality of products.

Sample Consumer Proposal Example

Name of product: Farmville’s Goodies

Type of product: Natural and homemade food products like cheese

Company: Farmville

Date of launching this range: 3.4.93

Aims and objectives: The aim of this consumer proposal is to secure your feedback regarding this product that we have launched recently.

Comments: Please enter your comments about the product in general before we proceed to more specific queries.

Pricing: We believe that the product is the best available in the market in this range. Please enter your comments if you agree with us. Our pricing is based on a consideration of our customer: that is you.

Accessibility: We believe that our deep bond with our customers goes back too long a way to jeopardize it by limited accessibility. However, if you do have concerns on this matter do write your comments or bring it to the notice of the company authorities.

The benefits of our product: Because we use completely natural and farm grown food produce in this line, it has health benefits that other products can only aspire to.

Our best sellers: Farmville Cheese (especially Gouda) and Farmville Mayonnaise

We hope that you will contact us regarding any complaints or anomalies.

Contact us at: 743847287/ 467326472 or email us at