A Consumer proposal form is the layout of a proposal document which is presented to the prospective consumers by any company or organization for acceptance of their product. Such kind of proposals has to be framed by the product manufacturing company in an effective way so that it fulfills the sales intention proficiently.


Sample Consumer Proposal Form

Company Name _________________

Name of the product ______________


This proposal for the product _________________ is presented by the company _________ on date ______________. This product has got certain features _____________________________________________ which is nowhere found in any other the product available in the market. The product is chiefly being made by keeping in mind the need of ____________ people. This product will surely not disappoint any of its consumers.


The responsibility of publicity and marketing has been undertaken by the __________________________________________________________. They would help in regulating the product on the targeted market within a specific period of time.  The publicity and other marketing events will commence from ____________.


The cost of the product is fixed in a way so that it could be afforded by the targeted consumers without giving a second thought. Therefore the cost of the particular product is _____________. The product will first launch on ______________date. The last date of approving this proposal is ________________ after which the proposal acceptance would not be entertained.


Initially the availability of the product would be at _______________________ places. As the response and demand of the product will increase the availability of the product would be extended to a broader scale.


For further details contact __________________