Consumer proposal format must succinctly put forward the factors that consumer’s most likely use to judge a product or a scheme. These proposals are like surveys done to increase a company’s understanding of consumer mindset and what people prefer. It helps to improve the quality of the services on offer.

Sample Consumer Proposal Format

Name of the product:


Date of launching:

Period of circulation: (Fill in the relevant details)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a consumer proposal must address the nature and type of the product in question. The questions must be targeted at the customer base most effective in the buying of the product. Details must be sought on the consumer’s reaction to quality and his or her comparison of the product with other similar products available in the market.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph must focus on the brand equity the company has built up for itself and how that affects consumer response to the product. Whether consumers buy a particular product because it is associated with a particular brand is to be analyzed in this section. Pointed and direct assessment of consumer interest is extremely beneficial in analyzing the quality of the product, its demand and continued circulation on the market.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must conclude with an assessment of the price factor in the proposal. A wide range of consumers must be questioned and their answers must be taken into account to form a comprehensive survey. The parameters must be clearly specified as well.

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