A Consumer proposal template is the readymade format that represents a document which targets the prospective consumer of a company or organization for the sale of their product. These proposal templates are utilized by the company for the purpose of sale.


Sample Consumer Proposal Template

Company’s name __________________ [name of the company]


Name of the product ________________________ [mention the name of the product]


Features of the product ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the features of the product]


Special features ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention about the other products manufactured by the company and how much effective this particular product is than those other products]


Target client base: _______________________________________________ [Mention who are the intended consumers of this product]


[Mention what was the objective behind manufacturing this product by the company and how it would serve the purpose of the prospective consumers]


Date of proposal: _______________________ [(dd/mm/yy), mention the date on which the proposal is being made]


Last of approving the proposal ______________ [(dd/mm/yy) mention the date after which the proposal would not be accepted]


Publicity and marketing: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention all the details regarding the publicity and marketing of this product. Write the names of the organizations who have taken the responsibility of marketing the product]


First date of advertising the product: _________________ [(dd/mm/yy), mention the first date from when advertising of this product will begin]


Cost of the product ____________________ [Mention the initial cost of the product. The cost should be fixed by keeping in mind the budget of the intended consumers]


Availability of the product: _____________________ [Specify the places where the product will be available]