A Contract proposal form is the document laid by one party in front of another party for mutual acceptance under few obligations. Such proposal form should be framed with the scope of providing detailed information in order to avoid any future discrepancies.


Sample Contract Proposal Form

Date of submitting the proposal ________________


The company _____________________ wants to enter in a contract with company ____________________________ to accomplish the work of an upcoming project which would begin from ________. The contractor proposes to follow all the terms and conditions described herein.


The total budget of the upcoming project is _______________ which has been decided to be shared up between the two parties in ____________percent. The expected profit to be achieved from this project is ____________ which would be shared in _______percentage among both the parties.


This contract will remain effective for _______years.



  • Both parties need to follow all the obligations and cannot terminate the agreement before the validity.
  • Violation of any terms is subjected to legal issues and serious actions would be undertaken against the party violating it.
  • Profit should be shared among the ratio that is being discussed prior entering to the contract proposal.
  • Extension of the contract after tenure would be further carried over with the concern of both the parties.


The contract proposal acceptance would remain effective till ___________________ and which the proposal shall not be entertained.


This contract would surely help both the companies to prosper ahead in the market. Thus joining hands would help us to accomplish the work of the upcoming project.