A Contract proposal format is a document which helps companies looking to secure a contract or tender floated by another company to create an impressive contract proposal. Since numbers of criteria are judged based on the contract proposal, they must be written well and carefully.

Sample Contract Proposal Format

Contract agency:

Date of submission of proposal:

Proposal in response to tender number:

Floated by: (Fill in the relevant details)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a contract proposal must outline the contract agency’s understanding of the proposal. It must include an assessment of the agency’s technical and human resources to handle a large scale contract. The nature of the contract must be discussed and the reasons for the contract agency’s bid must also be given. There must be detailed exposition of the agency’s skill and competence in these matters.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of the contract proposal must outline a step by step account of the execution of the project and any implementation that may be in order. It must also include a discussion of costs. The contract agency must enclose a detailed breakup of the costs that will be accrued in the various stages of execution and its fees. Complete transparency in financial matters must be included for credibility and trust.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph of a contract proposal must form a suitable conclusion. The agency can mention its prior experience in handling orders of this scale. Reference letters can be included and so can a presentation of earlier efforts.

Thanking you,

Signature (of the head of the contract agency)