A Contract proposal template is the layout of that document which is presented by one party to another in a business relationship for a matter of consideration along with some mutual obligations. A well written contract proposal always depicts the ability of a company to follow deadlines and meeting requirements.


Sample Contract Proposal Template

Name of the company _____________________________ [mention the name of the company who is presenting the contract proposal]


Address of the company ________________________

Contact details _____________ [contact details of the company]

Date of contract proposal submission __________ [date on which the proposal is being submitted]

Reference number _________________ [mention the reference number of the particular proposal]


This contract proposal is being made with a sole intention of ________________________ [provide the reason of presenting this proposal] with ______________________ [name of the other company to whom the proposal is being presented].


Terms and Conditions:

  • Both the parties hold the complete right to terminate this proposal within the validity period.
  • Any of the party not abiding by the terms and conditions laid would be liable to legal issues. Therefore, the following actions would be taken against that party.
  • If any profit related matters are involved then both the parties should get the proper share that is being discussed initially.


Validity of the contract proposal _________________________ [(dd/mm/yy) mention the date after which the proposal acceptance would not be effective anymore]


Approved by __________________ [On approval of the proposal, the company should mention the name of the organization]


Signature of first party _______________

Signature of second party _______________