Contractor job proposal could be presented for number of purposes which ranges from a company giving contract job to a contractor agency or a contractor agency seeking new employees for their vacant or new position. Such kind of proposals should effectively emphasize on the actual requirement of the company.

Sample Contractor Job Proposal

Name of the company: Government of United States

Proposal Created by: Ministry of City Development and planning

Proposal Created for:  The Road Development Contractors of United states

Issued on: 9th October 2011

Objective of the proposal:

We are preparing this proposal with a sole intention to recruit a road development contractor agency on a temporary basis for next 2 years to accomplish our upcoming project on city development. Highly skilled and repute contract agencies are invited for this purpose as the government intends to develop more than 20 new linked roads on the outskirts of various cities which would connect to hospitals, airport and station and planning to build 4 highways which would connect with various cities and among which 2 would connect to our neighboring countries as well.

Estimated budget for accomplishing the entire task mentioned on the proposal: $50000-$60000 approximately.

Timeline for implementation: Maximum 2years within their contract agreement. [The contract could be extended upon negotiation and performance]

Proposal will remain valid till: 8TH November 2011

Kindly note proposal submission would not be entertained after the above mentioned date.

This proposal would be entertained on first come first serve basis kindly collect the plan of our forthcoming project on submission of the proposal