A contractual employment proposal embodies the proposal made for endorsement of a contract. It must be framed specifically as the candidate’s experiences of work, quality of establishments and history of work timeline are counted the most for assessing his capacity to take up a contract and complete it. The proposal should successfully convey his confidence to take up the work.

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Sample Contractual Employment Proposal

Contractual Employment Proposal

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Name of the company: Owen Contractors

Nature of job: Contractual business on restoration and rejuvenation of old buildings

Proposal given to: Wendy Crawl, Principal, Griffin High School

Date of proposal: 5th December, 2011

Background of proposal: We propose to rebuild and revive the old charm of the school-building that was once there before the ravenous fire broke out on 3rd September, 2011. Since it is too risky for the children and staff working in that part of the building, we feel that an action must be taken immediately.

Objective: We would like to return the charisma of the building as it is one of the most prestigious schools of the country.

Timeline: We plan to start the project in January and finish it by March so that the new session, which will commence from April 2012, faces no obstruction.


  • We have renovated the Grisham Publishers’ Office Building in 2009 that was almost out of shape.
  • The dilapidated building of Santa Cruz Market was remodelled and refurnished to form the New Santa Cruz Market in 2010.
  • The work of repainting and settling the shabby floors of the Ocean Blue Hotel was executed by us in 2011.