A corporate event proposal is a special layout designed by corporate houses to place before other companies with the offer to strike a partnership deal and invest together in the present project that is to be recently launched in the market. Although such ideas can be proposed orally, it is always advisable to keep a written document that would easily prove genuineness of the deal at a later instance, if required.

Sample Corporate Event Proposal

Name of the event: Touch Screen technology touches daily lives.

Date of event: 26th March, 2011

Event Organizers: Samantha Mobile Companies and Mob4people Co

The touch-screen technology is another step in the technology of improvising electronic devices. It is basically a computer-display screen sensitive to human touch and hence accepts direct onscreen inputs. This technology now finds wide application in public-information displays, customer self-services, such as ATM, airline e-ticket terminals, etc. and also in computerized gaming and other financial and scientific developments.

Venue for the event: The International Cultural Auditorium, LA

Head of the event planning and management team: Mr. Mark Anthony Gomes

Contact Number: 49376520485760

Contact Website: www.touchscreen@mob4people.co.in

Purpose of the event: To introduce the new touch screen technology before the commoners

Corporate Event details:

  • The event will start with a board meeting involving management personnel of the companies that have worked on the project and will be followed by a press conference.
  • The devices using this new technology will be launched and its uses in day-to-day lives will be emphasized upon, with a user-friendly illustration and a clear and in-depth analysis of the technology.
  • The launch of this new technology will benefit both involved companies in turns of profit and employee involvement.

Estimated Budget: $ 5000000

Last date for collecting sponsorships: 1st March, 2011.

Please contact at the earliest.