A corporate sales proposal is an advisory document which enlists the plans and procedures to be adopted by firms and factories. Corporate body is a private executive federation which is empowered with the work of decision making and planning programs for manufacturing units. The decisions comprise the proposal made by them.

Sample Corporate Sales Proposal

Name of corporate body: VSL Consultancy Limited

Location: 45, Elm Street, New York

Corporate sales proposal prepared by: Bill Duncan, Sales Finance Manager

The industrial units working under the VSL Consultancy Limited include:

  • VSL Iron and Steel Factory
  • VSL Cement Plant

Subject of proposal: The proposal revolves around the company sales which has been suddenly struck weak by a market venture. The proposal consists of a revision of the working strategies and subsequent changes of sales strategies of the factories.

Objective behind the proposal: We have prepared a new scheme of plans and programs for all the factories individually considering the transformed market conditions. The state of competition has taken a new form with two prominent firms joining hands and creating lucrative offers. The strategies have been given a convenient avatar so that the new corporate decision does not affect the ongoing sales and profits.

The following points form the crux of the proposal:

A strict vigil should be kept on the quality of the goods produced and attempts should be made to enhance the quality even more to make customers dependent on our products.

Publicity of the products must be increased by hiring efficient marketing agencies and through well conversant experienced salesmen.