A corporate training proposal is a proposition submitted to the higher authorities in a company where an individual or a department seeks to start a corporate training programme for its employees whereby they will be trained on various skills and job duties which will make them work better and improve their performance. The proposal must include the content of the training, the plan of action, how the training will help the company, the target employees to be trained, their education level, duration of the training, funds required for the programme, specific or customised training modules and so on.

Sample Corporate Training Proposal:

Name of company: Red Earth Inc

Address: 893 Sunset Drive, Denver

Training proposal prepared on: January 10, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Rachel Brown

HR, Red Earth Inc

Proposal submitted on: January 15, 2012

Proposal signed and approved by: Joshua Palecki

Manager, Red Earth Inc

Proposal name: Corporate training for mid-level managers

Purpose: The purpose of this corporate training proposal is to make employees like mid-level managers more polished in their work, acquaint them with life skills which will help them to perform better, thereby improving the performance of the company

Details of Corporate Training Proposal:

  • The corporate training proposal will be implemented from February 1, 2012 to March 1, 2012
  • All the mid-level managers of this organisation are expected to attend the training
  • Sessions will be one hour long and will be conducted 3 times a week
  • There will be both theoretical and practical classes to test to the employees

Estimated cost of the project: $10,000