A crazy wedding proposal is one which is a lot of fun while retaining the sincerity and love that are an inseparable part of wedding proposals. Crazy wedding proposals can only be pulled off with flamboyance and an attitude to match. It must be all out fun with invention and innovation being the two ingredients that can make crazy wedding proposals work.

Sample Crazy Wedding Proposal

To my one and only obsession Flame,

I love you and I am ready to scream it out from the rooftops if that is what it takes to convince you. I want you to marry me, tomorrow and every arrangement has been made so that all you need to do is get a dress and run over to Green Field Church tomorrow sharp at 10 am. Darling, don’t stop to think this through and let us do something absolutely mind blowingly crazy for a change. Our entire lives are spent in rationalizing and pondering. Deliberation will get us nowhere, at least in matters of the heart!

I love you so much that I can hardly hope to express it. But no worries, I shall have an entire lifetime of proving to you the depth of my love for you. I hope and pray that you feel the same way. You mean everything to me and that is the only reason I am prepared to do this crazy thing! Your presence by my side and your hands holding mine can get me through everything and let us not waste one moment more and let us just make our wishes come true!



Date: 1st July 2011