A cute love proposal is used to express one’s love for one’s beloved in a cute way. Love proposals can be in different forms and have different tones. Some of them are serious and intense while others are humorous and out of the box. Most love proposals are cute, especially the ones made by youngsters like high school students expressing their love for the first time. They can be written in various manners but there is a touch of cuteness and the adorable factor which make them very romantic. Be yourself whenever you have to write a love proposal. Your natural personality should show in the letter. Keep it simple and sweet to create cute love proposal.

Sample Cute Love Proposal:


Danny Lois

28 East Drive,

San Antonio

Dear Danny,

I saw you in the ice skating rink for the first time last month but haven’t had the courage to come up to you to talk. I see you every day in school but you are surrounded by all your friends and I feel like they will make fun of me because I am a junior. But I still wanted you to know how much I love you and how happy your one smile makes me. Even the most boring classes seem to be enjoyable just when you look at me. I may not be perfect but I promise you that I will make you very happy if you give me chance. Please meet me at the school cafeteria today.

With love,


883 Northcross Lane

San Antonio

January 12, 2012