Cutest love proposal is a way of expressing love and affection towards the special person in your life in a cute and adorable way. Love proposals are of different types and can be intense, emotional, funny or cute, It must written in the way your beloved will appreciated it and that increases your chance of getting the proposal accepted. You can also add gifts along with the proposal and write it from your heart. Be genuine and keep that innocence alive and that makes it a cute proposal. Cute love proposals are mostly written by youngsters and teenagers because it is natural way of expressing their love. These types of proposals are generally sent through letters.

Sample Cutest Love Proposal:


Audrey Jackson,

922 Octavia Lane,


Dear Audrey,

You are like chocolates and snowflakes and fill my dreams with laughter and joy. You are so pretty that I cannot look away from you. I saw you for the first time in the cafeteria but you were surrounded by your friends and so I did not talk to you. I don’t even know whether you like me or not. I want to ask you to the dance next week and I wonder whether you will agree to go with me or not. Please accept this note as a proposal of my love and dedication. Hope you like the flowers and chocolates that I am sending along with this. They remind me of you all the time and how sweet and bubbly you are.

I love you,

Yours truly,

Ross Ackles,

392 Great Hills,


February 17, 2012