A data mining research proposal is one which outlines the findings of the project by suing the tools provided by data mining. Data mining is a research component which involves the collection of data and then obtaining the requite findings from that data. It can be of several types like business data mining or academic data mining.

Sample Data Mining Research Proposal

Proposal compiled by: Grocery Supermarket Chain Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of proposal: We have used SPSS and Oracle software’s and used their data mining qualities in analyzing market trends and buying patterns. We have discovered many interesting phenomena using this technique of data mining and analysis:

  • Women are most likely to complete their grocery shopping on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Men are most likely to complete their grocery shopping on Fridays and Saturdays.

Data used: We have analyzed customer buying patterns over a period of three years and this data was then fed in to our software’s which is how we realized these interesting phenomena.

Benefits of such a data mining research proposal:

  • The results of this project give us an insight into the buying patterns of men and women. This will give rise of new considerations during marketing propaganda.
  • The findings support the theory of differential buying patterns on part of the two sexes.
  • The findings are interesting and make for amusing as well as entertaining reading.
  • The findings can be used for other statistical and data mining efforts.

Cost of data mining project: $ 2090000