A design consulting proposal is one that is offered by a designing specialist. The proposal includes all the details of design consultancy such as services included, charges, period of service, terms of service, location of the design consultant etc. The proposal has to provide information in generally three parts namely the services offered, cost or fees involved and terms of design consulting.

Sample Design consulting proposal

Name of the design consulting company – John’s Design Consulting Company

Address of the design consulting company – #5, Stockport, Cheshire, London, SK5

Contact number of the company – 001-222-33333

Name of design consultant – Roger Dinero

Designation of design consultant – Senior design consultant

Brief Introduction about company –

Our company is one of the leading providers in design consultancy in the market with one of the best design consultants working with us. The company has been in existence since the year 2005 and with the extensive knowledge and stint in various design projects handled so far we are sure to offer nothing but the best and most reliable services.

Various services offered by design consulting company –

Some of the design consultancy services offered by our company are :-

  • Logo designing

  • Brand image creation

  • Website designing

  • Print media designing

  • Banner designing and printing

  • Prototype designing

  • Pictorial designing for various media and press releases

Commitments offered by the company –

Our company works for the betterment of design and has an operational plan in place to implement design projects effectively. Some of the processes followed by our company are :-

  • Analyze the requirement of design before undertaking the work which is scope analysis.

  • Coordinate with clients when offering design consultancy along with internal team members of the company.

  • Provide modifications as necessary before final design output is ready for release.

Design consultancy fees –

The company charges a nominal fee of 2000 pounds for any design consultancy service specified above.