A design proposal letter, as the name clearly suggests, is a cover letter provided along with any kind of a proposal that presents some design and elaborates on its application as well as creation. The letter should bring forth all aspects of the respective design proposal; to introduce prospective clients and other interested organizations with its actual concept. The design proposal letter should be framed in a clear yet compact manner.

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Sample Design Proposal Letter:

Design Proposal Letter

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Marianne De Costa

Managing Director

Future Group of Interior Designing

Subject: Proposal for designing home and office interiors

14th December, 2011

Respected Ma’am,

This letter is being sent as a proposal for the design project we have planned to conduct with the help of your company. It is an extensive range of design ideas that we have intended to implement both indoors and outdoors, that is at home as well as in office and corporate sectors.

Our team of design planning and management employees has deliberately worked on the issue and all possible dimensions that can be explored to suit all classes of people. The documents of these analyses have been provided herewith; kindly have a look at them.

We propose you a variety of designs, as deemed suitable by our experts, which would go well with the need and the context – personal or professional. We want you to help us in the implementation of the design ideas.

Kindly go through the enclosed documents in this design proposal, wherein we have tried to provide all details of the pattern of design, colour code, materials, etc. that we intend to use. We are earnestly looking forward to your suggestions and approval.

Thanking You,

Jennifer Gomes