Design proposal template outlines the objective, scope and plans of any particular designing work to its intended clients and prospects. Such a document should be developed with a clear mention of the necessary points that are to be fulfilled.

Sample Design Proposal Template

Title of the proposal ___________________________________ [give a suitable title of the design proposal]

Proposal presented by ____________________ [either mention the name of the company by whom the proposal is being presented or also state the name of the concern person who can be contacted for further details]

Proposal submitted on ___________ [dd/mm/yy mention the date when the proposal is being presented to the intended clients]

Overview of the company:

__________________________________________________________ [elaborately state about the company who has undertaken the designing work]

Nature of the designing work: _________________________________________________________________ [mention the nature of the particular designing work which is in question in the particular proposal document]

Purpose of the proposal: _________________________________________ [mention the purpose of the proposal in details so that it gives a clear picture to the concern authority]

Designing Methodology/Work plan:


[Mention in details the entire designing methods and work plan of the designing work so that it gives a clear idea regarding the work process for the particular design work]

Total cost estimated for completion of designing work ___________________________ [mention the approximate cost estimated for executing the plans of the designing work]

Duration of the designing work _____________________ [state the timeline required for completing the entire designing work as it is proposed]

Proposal acceptance will remain valid till _____________ [dd/mm/yy]

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