A development project proposal is one type of a document that portrays the various aspects of a developmental project. The subject matter of such a project may range from the development of software to some rural or slum area development project. Since it involves a lot of thorough research and field work, it becomes imperative that the paper work should also be very precise and clear, thus requiring the proposal to contain all significant and relevant points.

Sample Development Project Proposal

Proposal title: Improving Lives

Name of the organization: Seamco International Companies

Date of the proposal: 14th June, 2011

Proposal signed by: Mr. Samuel Gomes

Executive Head (R&D)

Seamco International Companies

Primary motive of the proposal: To sketch an outline of the project and present it before affluent individuals and business firms to support the cause.

Objectives of the project:

  • To develop an extensive land area into building that would shelter the less privileged ones.
  • The rates of such homes would be of a minimum price level so that all those people who aren’t very strong economically can as well afford to live in a healthy area.
  • The first and foremost availabilities would include a hygienic environment, safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities.
  • Hospitals and minimum market facilities have also been planned to be provided.
  • It would also be taken proper care that all members living therein should have a minimum family income that would not hamper them from paying taxes.

Estimated Budget: $488000

Proposed time frame for the project: 6th September, 2011 – 26th November, 2012

All investors are requested to contact soon.

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