Digital advertising proposal is being presented stating the purpose and content of advertisement in a digital format. This is an effective way through which one can advertise in fast-paced world and can reach out to various kind of clientele base in a jiffy.

Sample Digital Advertising Proposal

Proposal for Digital Advertising of “Ericcsung Space Android Smart Phones”

Proposal presented by: Jacob Smithkline

Advertisement Coordinator-Head

Ericcsung Limited.

Proposal submitted on: 9Th march 2011

Overview of the company:

Ericcsung established in the year 2001 made significant foot print in mobile phones industry. Along with the latest trend and demand in the market, the company has developed its product and achieved maximum client satisfaction through years. Recently, the basic Android phones created a remarkable impact on the market and got high appreciation from the users.

With this success, we are soon to release our new range of Android Smart Phones called “Space” imbibed with an advanced operating system and world-class software which is almost absence in majority of the phones available on the market.

Purpose of the proposal:

We are looking for making a contract with efficient digital media company which would help us with advertisement regulation of this new range of product in digital world with a highly innovative digital format. Even we are seeking association with such a company who will help us to promote and reach out to maximum people.

Estimated Budget for Digital Advertising: $12000 approximately

No proposal would be accepted after 19t March 2011

On submission of proposal acceptance further technical specification would be provided.

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