Though the job of a director is industry specific but still irrespective of the kind of task one should have strong capability of directing his or her subordinates. Director Job proposal is one such written document presented by the concern authority intending for a suitable candidate for the particular position in the company.

Sample Director Job Proposal

Name of the company: Ricks Food Enterprise

Proposal prepared by: Mr. Nelson Gives

Administrator Director

Intended people: All GROUP-A employees of Food companies

Title of the proposal: Job proposal for the position of Director

Date of issuing the proposal: 4th July 2011

Objective behind the proposal we are presenting:

In last few years we have secured a well known position among the global FMCG industry. This we could achieve by the sole dedication of our employees and the services delivered by them. We want to continue this success trend in the near future as well and have a strong intention to deliver consistent performance to our customers.

Recently we are in need of a director of factory operation who would supervise the process and operation of the factory. Moreover, we are looking for such a person who would have profound knowledge in solving any critical issues related to process and its development.

The package decided to be given to the director of factory operation: $ 25000 approximately.

Proposal acceptance would remain valid till: 5th of August 2011.

Kindly note that we would select the suitable candidate through a process of interview by our board of directors.