A documentary funding proposal, as clear from the term itself, is a special layout that is designed to be presented before those organizations that would help a company to make and produce a documentary for entertainment or social purpose. Such proposals should contain all the details of the featuring of the documentary, its relevance with the image of the funding organization, financial transactions involved in the project, etc.

Sample Documentary Funding Proposal

Name of the document: Twittering Lives.

Organizers of the documentary: Big Cinemas Pvt. Ltd. and Young Actors Association

Purpose of presentation: To bring up the effects of social networking sites on young minds and the advantages as well as disadvantages of such indulgences

Estimated costs for making, producing and marketing the documentary: $ 6500000

Time frame for documentary project: 23rd January, 2011 – 23rd July, 2011

Documentary details:

  • The documentary is based on the issue of social networking and their impact on a layman’s life, especially youngsters, but will also cover some cases of adults.
  • While the entertainment side of these sites will be shown, there will be some deep illustrations of the dangers posed by the same.
  • The incidents will be enacted by non-commercial actors and young faces that will make the presentation all the more acceptable as a layman’s attitude towards the issue.
  • There will be a short piece of advice suggesting how to balance between the entertainment and the evil and enjoy accordingly.

Publicity of the documentary will start from: 10th January, 2011

All forms of media will convey the news of the making and release of this documentary.

Last date for submitting funds: 6th January, 2011

For further details contact:

Mr. Robert Johnson

Director of Twittering Lives

Contact Number: 45683291342950

Website: www.twitteringlives.co.in