Non profit organizations or philanthropic organizations are always in a need for alternative source of funding and donation. It serves as a contribution to such organizations for carrying out the expenses of their operations. Thus, a donation proposal letter is a document used as a unique tool for outlining the need of a donation from the concern authority. Asking for fund requires high authentication; hence, the document must be so constructed that it become efficient in reciting its actual objective and operations. One must be careful about the language and content of such letter so that it helps the intended authority in making appropriate decisions.

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Sample Donation Proposal Letter

Donation Proposal Letter

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The President

Organization For Sustainable Development

New Delhi, India

Date: 6th April 2011

Dear Sir,

In the behalf of our non government organization, which plays an effective role in sustaining quality life of underprivileged children of India, I am proposing the need of a donation for carrying out our operation effectively.

We are planning to host a new program in various underdeveloped areas of India where people are not aware of child immunization. The entire cost estimated for organizing this campaign throughout India is INR12, 00000 approximately. The marketing regulation of the program would be regulated by various television channels, radio stations and newspapers without any cost.

We will be highly grateful if you take part in this initiative significantly by contributing a certain amount of fund. Kindly give your valuable response within 17th April 2011.

Yours Truly,

Ferrina Srinivas


New-shine India [ A philanthropic initiative]