A donor funding proposal is a document prepared especially to request a particular donor to provide funds for a certain project, programme or event, to be conducted by some organization or agency. The proposal, being subject to a single donor, should focus on the need of the funds and the individual or company’s relation with the cause. The document should be able to impress upon the donor that the funds are essential to be given by him or the respective company, for authentic reasons.

Sample Donor Funding Proposal:

Name of the organization: Health Care Nursing Home

Name of the project to be funded: Care for Cancer

Time frame: 8th October – 10th October, 2011

Donor’s name: Apollo Pharmacy Group, New York

Project overview:

This project will be actually a three-day event for care of cancer patients. The programme will cover various aspects of the disease, its impact, and possible methods of care. Renowned oncologists and eminent research experts in this field will be present on all three days and will provide necessary information on the topic, to help the nursing home develop its cancer-care unit and function effectively so as to bring down the rate of victims affected by this disease.

Need for Apollo Pharmacy Group:

  • The Apollo Pharmacy Group is a renowned name in the world of pharmaceutical products to provide efficient health care and disease prevention for all.
  • Cancer being a deadly disease, we would like to associate the assurance of your company’s name with our “care for cancer” programme.
  • We would like to approach your company for helping us with funds and some medicines that can be offered for primary care.

Estimated funds: $4500000

Please donate your funds before: 15th September, 2011

For further information, contact:

David John

Director, Health Care Ltd

Contact number: 00 1 – 718 – 28172917