A dual employment proposal is a proposal document which seeks to secure approval of occupying job in two different business institutions. Such a document is very difficult to establish successfully as many countries do not allow it legally. Therefore, the genuine need and purpose of the action must be provided in authentic form in the document.

Sample Dual Employment Proposal

Proposal given to: Harlow Mobile Company

Proposal from: Jason Macaw

Residential address: 5/4, Rugby Hall.

Contact number: 5823837

Subject of the proposal: I propose to join your company as a technical designer and take up the job of designing mobile phones that are manufactured in the factory outlets.

Name of the present employer: GKB Mobiles

Joining date: 4th August, 2008

Job position: Technical Designer

Purpose: As a dually employed technical designer, I want to master the technical field completely with more than enough expertise in my kitty and sufficient money in my account to serve my curiosity needs and to deal with my present financial needs simultaneously.

Academic accomplishment:

  • I have done product designing from Product Design Institute, California
  • I have done graduation and post graduation diploma courses in Technical Analysis from Technical Engineering College.

Additional qualification certificates received in:

  • Scientific planning project
  • Object-assembly contest
  • Picture-completion competition

Job experiences: Before joining GKB Group, I have worked in local mobile manufacturing companies namely Festoon Cells and Smartphone.

Future aspiration: I want to contribute my technical skills into product designing and achieve greater success and planning so that mobile companies hugely benefit from it.

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