An earthquake resistant construction proposal is a document given by a seismic company dealing with earthquakes and tsunamis. They are responsible for protection of the inhabitants and the environment as they have to create preventive measures for risky zones. Thus the document should iterate the precautions against the natural disaster and must be written technically.

Sample Earthquake Resistant Construction Proposal

Title of the proposal: Earthquake resistant construction proposal

Earthquake resistant construction proposal given to: Mr. Han Sack, Regional Head of Michigan

Proposal submitted by: Hoff Levy, Geotechnical Engineer, National Seismic Agency

Target of the proposal: We want to achieve complete protection of natural and man-made creations of the city by constructing earthquake resistant structures and buildings.

Work of the agency: Our agency has been successful in creating disaster-proof buildings in the areas most susceptible to seismic disruptions. Our works have been awarded for their marked impact and ability to resist tremors up to 4.0 on the Richter scale.

Outline of the proposal’s advantages: The execution of the proposal will bring about certain useful and positive changes to the construction of buildings and monuments.

Construction blueprint:

  • Minimum width of space should be allowed between the buildings for accepting vibrations.
  • Concealed wall wiring should be done following precautions.
  • Seismic Isolation bearings must be implanted in the buildings to resist strong forces.

Proposal expense: $100, 0000 roughly

Executive summary: The proposal has been made on the ground of attaining public safety with due regard to the construction technicalities consisting of strong frames and secured building plans.

Last date of acceptance: 14th September, 2011

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