Any proposal which is framed by an education consultancy company with the aim of conducting some kind of a business or service exchange with an educational institute is called an education consultant business proposal.  Education consultants often offer their consultancy services to schools, colleges and other educational institutions through the means of these business proposals.

To accept it or not is completely the decision and choice of the institute depending upon the details of the proposal. You can go through the following given sample of an education consultant business proposal for more information on the same.

Sample Education Consultant Business Proposal

Name of education consulting company: Career Steps education consultants

Address of consulting company: 123, Bridge town road, Kell square, London

Contact number of company: 43795093509

Proposal prepared and presented by: Greg Black

Senior executive, Career Steps education consultants

Proposal presented to: George Mathews

Principal, St. Andrews Senior secondary school

Proposal presented on: 10th March 2014

Objective of the proposal

We wish to offer you our yearly education consultancy services wherein we shall help students to figure out which career or field of further education suits them the most, based on their interests and goals.

Details of the proposal:

  • We will be providing in-school consultancy services whenever required by the school authorities for an initial contract period of one year.
  • During this year, we will be conducting one education seminar for students and parents wherein students will get to meet career counsellors who will help them make better career choices.
  • We will be conducting further study surveys for students to help them decide which field of study they wish to take up in the future.
  • We will also be employing one consultant as a permanent student counsellor at your school as a part of the package.
  • Total one year consulting cost: $4000