An education program proposal is an official document, issued by an educational institution, declaring a new program, its purpose, its objectives and overview. It thus must be carefully prepared, with all the main points and programs highlighted, that are to be emphasized upon. It must include the date of commencement and the last date of submission.

Sample Education Program Proposal:

New Education Program

Title: Road to Modernism: a short term course.

Proposal Presented by: Glasgow University

Proposal Submitted on: 10th July, 2011

Overview of the program:

Road to Modernism is a short term course, designed by the University of Glasgow, to enable students to appreciate modern literature and culture in a novel way. Professors and trainers will adopt an inter-disciplinary method, so that students are able to understand and analyse the subtleties and nuances of modernism. It ranges from historical, sociological and cultural background, to literature, films and music. This course can be a foundation study for students aspiring for higher education. The duration of the course is eight weeks.

Requirements and Methods:

Any student, undergraduate or post-graduate, from humanities background can attend this education program. The teaching program would include background discussion, first hand learning of literature texts, film critiquing, multimedia lessons, projects and assignments and a dissertation paper at the end of the course. There will be an evaluation after the course ends and students will be given qualification certificates after that. There will also be an online course for overseas candidates. The estimated cost of this course is £ 25,000.

Enrollment program starts from 20th July, 2011.

P.S: no proposal acceptance will be entertained after the above mentioned date.

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