An education project proposal is a document which outlines the modules of an education project. Factors like time, money, purpose and participants are mentioned in the education project proposal. They must be framed in a clear and lucid manner so that all important areas are covered and there is no room for any error. It serves also as a checklist.

Sample Education Project Proposal:

Name of education project: Solar Energy Utilization in the Sunderbans, West Bengal, India.

Date of field trip: 24th February 2011 to 28th February 2011

No of students taking the field trip: 20

Purpose of this education project: This project is meant as a means of familiarizing students of Standard 11 and 12 with the need for the utilization of solar energy. The Sundarbans, being an ecologically important and fragile area, is also ideal for conducting this kind of research.


  • Trip to the solar panels located in the Sundarbans and a demonstration of how solar energy is trapped and then converted into usable energy.
  • Preparation of project report based on the trip and inferences drawn.
  • Class presentation of the project report.

Budget for the trip: Collection made form students will amount to Rs. 2000 from each student. The total budget will amount to roughly 50000 Rs.

Hotel accommodations: Accommodation for 20 students and 3 teachers has been made at Hotel Blue View, Sunderbans, Delta 1. [Contact Number: 736234763]

Project sanctioned by: Indian council of Board Examinations.

Security: A total of 4 security guards will accompany students and teachers. They have been arranged by Luminous Security Agency.


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