An education proposal has to be written following certain guidelines. There is a specific tone in which these formal documents, usually for funding or permission to introduce new courses or change existing ones, are written. They must be such that they garner instant approval and appreciation, and thus they must be written with a lot of thought and care. Education proposal example too must be thoroughly checked before being followed.

Sample Education Proposal Example:

The following is an extract from the education proposal presented by Trinity Hall Institution to the University Funds Body.

Education proposal presented by: Trinity Hall Institution

Date of submission of education proposal: 2nd June 2011

Education proposal presented to: University Funds Body

Purpose of education proposal: To request for more funds for the introduction of new courses.

  • These new courses [check enclosed document for details about each course] have been felt to be the most in need by a selection panel comprising of the best professors in each department, and members of the University Council.
  • Each course has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the students. They are compact, viable and with huge scope for both research and professional success n them.
  • Each course shall require funding, of which some of the amount shall be contributed by the University Fund, some by sponsors and Chairs, and some by our alumnae. The remainder, we hope to be granted by the University Funds Body, in lieu of our continued excellence in every field.

We hope to hear form you soon.

Trinity Hall Institution.