An Education proposal format is designed to serve as guidelines for the successful documentation of proposals put forth for educational change implementation. They must be written with great care as their acceptance will lead to the actualization of these changes proposed. They should be framed after consultation and discussion.

Sample Education Proposal Format

Name of proposers:

Designation and associated institutions:

Date of proposal submission: (Provide the relevant details)

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of an education proposal must begin with the nature of the existing system of education in the institution, board or college in question. This must be a detailed analysis with suitable graphs or pictorial representations as necessary. This must be followed by an outline of the changes proposed. The authorities whose opinions have been taken must be enlisted in order to lend credence to their argument.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph must then go on to indicate the reasons for the changes that have been proposed and how it will benefit all concerned. The total costs for the implementation of the renewed program must also be specified along with an assessment of the fund available. The government and private donations and grants already received must be enlisted to ensure transparency.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph of the education proposal must contain a brief recapitulation of the arguments initially stated. It must be brief and courteous. It should once again shortlist the benefits of the changes that are being proposed and the reason for them. But it must be kept short.

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