An education proposal is a document which contains the means by which changes, or inclusions or even exclusions, will be made to the existing structure of school or college curriculum or other related educational issues in order to usher in development, improvement and growth. An education proposal has to be submitted before the concerned authorities for approval and funding. Hence they must be written well, in a convincing manner.

Sample Education Proposal:

Education proposal presented to: Board of Governors, Daisy Day School

Education proposal presented by: Members of the teaching staff, classes 5 to 10, Daisy Day School.

Date of submission of education proposal: 22nd June 2011

Purpose of education proposal: To seek permission for the inclusion of two new courses, Media and Art, into the syllabi of classes 5 to 10.

Advantages of the education proposal:

  • These two new subjects have been on our radar for a long time and we believe it is time to implement them in our regular courses. They are in high demand across the country and will give our students an edge if they are incorporated into our school syllabi.
  • These subjects have been proposed at a joint meeting between staff, principal, and representatives from parent bodies. Suggestions of students too have been taken into account.
  • We can incorporate these two subjects without having to gather funds or increase the tuition fees of our students. The funds in our account, collated through sponsorships, donations and annual events, are sufficient as introductory finances.

We hope you will unanimously accept our suggestions and give our students something to cheer about. Thanking you,

Members of Staff

Daisy day School

New York