An education research proposal is a document which outlines the details of an education research plan. Factors like duration of research, budget, purpose and material required are some of the key aspects that must be mentioned in an education research proposal.  It must be written comprehensively, by an individual research scholar or by an institution.

Sample Education Research Proposal:

Name of research paper: “The metaphor of disease in postcolonial literatures in English”

Proposal presented to: The British Commonwealth Education Trust

Purpose of this proposal: I hope to be eligible for your scholarship, the British Commonwealth Grant for Novel Research, amounting to $1000.

Research paper to be presented by: Martha Jacobson

Duration of research: 2 years

Amount of money required: Approximately $2000

Grants obtained:

  • Led Wallace Education Grant for Studies in Humanities
  • British Council Research Grant for Bright Scholars

Purposes of the research paper:

  • Through this paper I will combine my interest in biology and post colonial literatures. Postcolonial literature is an upcoming stream and interest in this area is growing rapidly.
  • I believe that my contribution to the existing research in the field will be lasting and new. It is a novel topic and I believe this has not been charted by other scholars yet.
  • The topic is contemporary and unique. The grants that have been vouchsafed to me are proof of the fact that the topic truly generates interest and curiosity.

I hope you will consider me worthy of this grant. An abstract of my paper along with excerpts of it are presented with this proposal.