In an education training proposal the educational training program is being proposed. It is a formal proposal which is written on any specific educational module. For the poor children these kind of educational training programs are very useful, as these children cannot afford a full time school at times. These educational training programs are funded by the organization looking for this program. The educational training proposal will carry all the details about the training and its educational impact on the students.

Sample Education Training Proposal:

Company for which the education training proposal is written: Education for All Group {NGO}

Date of submission of education training proposal: 16th March 2011

Education training proposal presented by: Kelly Trainers Pvt. Ltd.

About the education training proposal:

This educational training program will be conducted for the students of rural area to educate them about the infectious diseases spreading in there are and the primary precautions and measures to avoid those diseases.

Education training proposal Strategies:

  • In 7 days of educational training programs the school students must be given detailed information about various types of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites etc.
  • They will be explained about the primary symptoms of diseases like pneumonia, cholera, viral fever, conjunctivitis, mumps and measles etc.
  • The preliminary care necessary to avoid these diseases will also is explained in this educational training program. They will also be taught about the basic hygiene and its significance. The program will be conducted under the supervision of doctors and health professionals.

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