An educational consulting proposal is a document which outlines the proposals elucidated by an educational consultant or educational consulting firm. Such a document is extremely useful and the point for improvement or maintenance must be mentioned in a specific and precise manner. It must be written very well in order to be a valuable document.

Sample Educational Consulting Proposal

Name of educational consulting agency: Educare Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1993

Date of submission of educational consulting proposal: 22nd June 2011

Educational consulting proposal presented to: Green Park High School.

The following is an educational consulting proposal prepared by our professionals at the express request of your school. We have identified some areas that can be improved for a more positive academic environment.

Nature of educational consulting proposal:

  • This educational consulting proposal identifies the areas of improvement in the above mentioned school and suggests some changes which can be made.
  • The document has been prepared by out trained professionals after thorough inspection of the school, its students and facilities and consultations with teachers and governance body members.
  • There is no clause which makes the implementation of the changes absolutely necessary. It is up to the school to follow our suggestions.

Areas of improvement:

  • The teacher student ratio should be improved.
  • The campus can be expanded to incorporate more sporting activities.
  • The school needs to improve its record of extracurricular activities in order to impart a holistic and all rounded education to its students.

We hope you will provide us with a response soon. For more information and the detailed report please contact: 876564725

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