The educational research proposal is created by students of a particular major or academic field and sent for approval to the necessary university or department concerned. The proposal highlights the specific aspect of the educational endeavor and the purpose it seeks to achieve through the research done. The research proposal must be carefully formulated highlighting the essential areas that it will cover if it is approved.

Sample Educational Research Proposal:

The following Educational Research Proposal has been created for the University of Ohio

Name of Student: Amelia Jones

Major: Business Management

Date of submission of proposal: 3rd May, 2012

Title of Educational Research: ‘Growing Fuel Demands in China’

Purpose of Educational Research: This research will emphasize on the growing demands for fuel resources in China that might in time take over U.S’s demand for fuel which is the largest all over the world. It will also highlight the various policies and plans that need to be implemented in the global market to keep a check on these growing demands.

Time for completion of Educational Research: Within 1 to 2 years

Research Methodology:

  • This will involve extensive research of the global market demand and supply of fuel resources.
  • A background on China’s import and export strategies
  • U.S demand and supply of fuel resources as compared to China’s.
  • Proper Policies and strategies that need to be implemented by the U.S and the Global Market
  • Feedback from the U.S Federal Government on policy making

Significance of research: To create awareness of the global market competition and necessary ways to curb the competition.

Amelia Jones requests a response by 5th April, 2012.