In order to generate new opportunities electrical job proposal are presented by an electrical company proposing a new job position to their prospective clients or employees. Even this can be other way round as a person of electrical background can also suggest creation of new position of job in an electrical company. Irrespective of its kind, this particular kind of proposal should convey a compelling message to the targeted person or group.

Sample Electrical Job Proposal

Name of the company: Larsen Electrical and Power Generation Enterprise

Who we are:

Since 1996, Larsen Electrical and Power Generation Enterprise is one of the largest electrical goods manufacturing and engineering company in Asia. We have expanded our growth in various places and have association with various global clients. We are keen in building new business relationships as we think it is one of the best ways to propagate our business and achieve

Objective of the proposal:

This proposal is being framed with a sole intention of introducing a new job position in the company in the project department. We have various positions but we still could not introduce a position of Power Generation Analyzer who would help us to estimate the total amount of power generated by the company and analyze the shortcomings if any.

Total cost require for introducing the new job position: $2500-$3500 approximately.

Duration required for making this position effective in the company: 6 months

Proposal acceptance will remain valid till: 7th August 2011

Kindly note no proposal submission would be accepted after the above-mentioned date.