Emotional love proposal is an expression of one’s romantic feelings and affection towards one’s beloved. A love proposal can be made in different ways, some use letters, some may write poems, while other give gifts and do something out of the box. But no matter what the mode of expression is, the most important thing in a love proposal is one’s emotions and an emotional love proposal is an expression of one’s deepest feelings in the most emotional manner. This type of proposal has a more serious and heartfelt note and is written in a thoughtful manner. It should describe one’s feelings in a vulnerable way and at the same time show the strength one receives when he or she is with their beloved.

Sample Emotional Love Proposal:


Amy Andrews,

353 Romeria Lane,


Dear Amy,

You are the most beautiful thing in my life. I don’t know when we became more than friends but you have been there through every step of my life and shared my troubles and joys. I feel so blessed to know you and be a special person in your world. It would give me endless joy if you accept my proposal of love and commitment towards you. I cannot think of anyone better to spend my life with. I promise you that I will fill your world with joy and give you all the happiness that I possibly can. Will you please accept my proposal?

I love you,

Yours truly,

Ryan Ross Adams,

92 Olympia Lane,


February 17, 2012