An emotional wedding proposal is one which is simple, sincere and emotional. Though all wedding proposal contain a degree of emotions, an emotional wedding proposal makes no bones about its emotionality. There is no effort to suppress one’s true feelings and thus it is touching and poignant. This is the kind of wedding proposal that brings tears to our eyes.

Sample Emotional Wedding Proposal

To my heart, Valerie

This wedding proposal has been on my lips for many days now. But I could never gather up the courage needed for me to say these words to you. Today, I have no qualms about saying these simple words to you. I love you, and always have. No matter where I am, your face and the sheer beauty of it haunt me.

With you by my side, I fear for nothing. You are my biggest strength and my greatest weakness. Together we can have a beautiful life that will be fulfilling and worth the effort. I want to hold your hand and protect you from everything that upsets you or threatens your calm and peaceful demeanor.

I have a piercing feeling in my heart and if that is not love for you, I do not know what is. I want you to marry me. I want you to be my wife and partner in all the joys and sadness that will make our lives worth living. You have been my best friend and now I want you to become my soul mate. I shall wait for the day when we can look back and say that we really did fall in love.

Yours truly,

Jason.                                                                          Date: 20th July 2011