An employment position proposal is a document prepared by a prospective employee to a company when he seeks a position for himself. An employment position proposal must be written well and with conviction. It must create an impression in order to be noticed by a selection committee. An employment position proposal must also be precise and comprehensive at the same time.

Sample Employment Position Proposal

Name of employee: Simon Banks

Age: 25 years

Academic qualifications: I have pursued graduation in computer applications from MIT and completed my post graduation from Harvard University with a summa cum laude.

My credentials:

  • I am deeply passionate about computers and take pride in accumulating and increasing my knowledge of programming languages which were beyond the purview of academic syllabi. This gives me an added advantage.
  • I am suitable for his job position as I have previously completed my internship with your esteemed company and hence I am familiar with your work culture and your expectations from employees.
  • I am young and desirous of learning my craft thoroughly. I want to participate in your company’s success story and forge a success story of my own.

Expectations from the job: I expect a salary of around $3000 per month along with the basic perks of the job, like health insurance cover etc. I also expect to be involved in major projects which will be challenging and enable me to bring out the best in me. I hope you will consider me suitable for this job position. Thanking you,

Simon Banks.

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