An employment proposal example is an outline which highlights the key point that every employment proposal must contain in order to be comprehensive and adjudged suitable and impressive. They must be carefully formulated as a lot depends upon getting off to a good start. In most cases, the employment proposal forms the basis of such a judgment.

Sample Employment Proposal Example

Name: Jacob Robbins

Date of birth: 4.3.87

Date of proposal submission: 3.4.11

Other documents enclosed with the proposal: A compact disc containing a brief introduction as well as relevant mark sheets and reference letters.

The skills that I hope to utilize in case of my selection and employment: I am a team player and can put the interest of my group mates over and above my own. I can also troubleshoot in dicey situations while remaining cool, calm and in control. These qualities, I believe, are crucial in this kind of a job.

My educational qualifications which have trained me for this job: I have a degree in Management and this, I hope, will stand me in good stead when it comes to any job that falls within the ambit of Public Relations

Salary: I hope to draw a salary of about $1000 per month if employed.

Visions for the growth of your company: Through my enthusiasm and desire to learn, I can contribute a great deal into the expansion of the company’s interests. I can inject fresh spirit in the trainees working under my supervision and thus contribute to creating a holistic and conducive work environment.

Thank you,

Jacob Robbins