An employment proposal format is a document which puts forward the qualifications and requisite skills of a candidate seeking a job. It must be written with great care as it forms the first impression a potential employer will have of the candidate. It must be concise yet qualitative.

Sample Employment Proposal Format


Date of birth:

Position applied for:

Proposal submitted on: (Fill the necessary details)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of an employment proposal format must outline the educational qualifications of the candidate and emphasize his or her unique skill set as pertinent to the job. A brief background should suffice as a basic introduction to the candidate. He or she must also talk at some length about the areas of interest and application for a better understanding of the employer.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of an employment proposal format must clearly indicate the candidate’s grasp of the nature of his or her job. It must include knowledge of the job requirements and methods to cope with job stress, technical glitches or any other situation that may arise in the course of the work. This section of the proposal forms its body and must be written with emphasis and conviction in order to create an impressive proposal.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must form the conclusion of the proposal with a discussion of the expected salary and other beneficiary perks that the job may be expected to provide. A tone of courtesy must be maintained till the very end.

Thanking you,

Name: (of the candidate)