An employment proposal letter is a letter, which contains outlines of an individual’s qualifications and other merits that enable him to apply for a job. It is essentially a letter seeking a job and must be framed in a manner that it sounds convicting and effective. A tone of humility and courtesy should be maintained as the employment proposal letter can determine one’s success to a considerable extent.

Sample Employment Proposal Letter

Jason Filch,

Head of Employment Section,

The Wine Bar, New York

Date: 5th May, 2011

Subject: Application for Employment

Respected Sir,

I hope you have received my curriculum vitae containing my skills and education qualifications which enable me to be eligible for the position of assistant sous-chef at your restaurant. I have served as a chef in many notable restaurants in the city of New York including La Meridien, Charcoal, Starlight and The French Restaurant.

My knowledge has provided me with excellent skills in basic cooking techniques as well as an experience in handling the pressure of working in a restaurant kitchen, following deadlines and succeeding. I hope you will consider me worthy for this position. Along with this letter are attached slide presentations of my specialty dishes.

I mainly use French cooking techniques in my preparations as I believe them to be most challenging yet important. I also want to convey my satisfaction of the amount of salary you are offering for this post. I hope to hear from you very soon. Thanking you,

Marisa Toman,

Assistant Sous-Chef,

The French Restaurant, New York.