An engineering consulting proposal is written by consulting engineers to different clients and funding agencies to start or initiate a new project. The proposal must contain a very brief outline of the project, the work schedule, the methodology of work, the cost and expenses and other related information. The style and tone of the letter must be persuading and convincing.

Sample Engineering Consulting Proposal:

Engineering Proposal for Tulip Housing Estate

The tulip housing estate, situated at the heart of the city, needs an urgent installation of gas fired furnances, air condensing units and associated wiring, especially in the block B building. To relieve the people from the temporary trouble that they are facing, we are planning to initiate a work to set up the above requirements. The estimated cost of this project is $ 25,000.

The proposed work shall need a time span of at least six months, from the day of starting. Within four months the community can expect the set up of the implements and within a few days they can start functioning, once the local authority gives the electric supply and the final nod. The construction will start as soon as the bids are received.

The fee of the engineering services will be separate from the cost of the project. It will be fixed after the discussion with the finance manager of the housing estate. All payments shall be due thirty days from the date of invoice.

If you are in agreement with this engineering proposal, kindly contact the undersigned person at the earliest. Further details about the project will be provided then.

Lawrence Pearson,

CBP Consulting Engineers.

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