An engineering project proposal is document which serves as a blueprint for the setting up of an engineering proposal. It must concentrate on areas of concern or special focus so that all aspects are accounted for in the proposal stage itself. An engineering project proposal thus is a valuable document which must be written well for it to really matter.

Sample Engineering Project Proposal

Name of engineering project: The Salve River Dam Project

Proposal submitted by: Jason David

Engineering proposal conceptualized by: The Grison Group

Date of submission of proposal: 1st May 2011

Nature of the project:

  • This project, which will be conducted with the collaboration of the State Government, is essentially aimed at harnessing the waters of the Salve River which currently goes to waste.
  • This water will be used to generate electricity in the plants that will be built. Hence reducing the areas dependence on coal, this project will benefit the local populace as well as be environmentally sustainable.
  • This project will also provide enormous employment scope for the local populace. We intend to hire people based on their skill and thus this generation of employment will benefit everyone.

Total cost for construction of dam and other allied expenses: $3000000000

Permissions from the government: All the necessary grants and permissions have been acquired. [Please check facsimiles of the same, attached with this proposal]

Construction will commence from: 4th June 2011

Construction will end in: June 2013

Details of construction plans and accompanying blueprints are also attached with this proposal.

Download Engineering Project Proposal

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