An entertainment business proposal is a kind of a document which is used by an entertainment business company to make a proposal to a client.  These kinds of proposals are read and evaluated by the client and on the basis of this; he/she either validates the proposal or rejects it.

Any such entertainment business proposal is a formal document that must be framed in an official or formal tone and format. For your reference, a sample of an entertainment business proposal is provided below.

Sample Entertainment Business Proposal

Name of the entertainment business company: Hardy and Lauren entertainers and musicians

Name of the client: Mr. Timothy Parkson

Address of company: f-90, first floor Markson tower, P Street, London

Contact number of company: 462057350

Proposal prepared by: Greg White (Owner, Hardy and Lauren Entertainers and musicians)

Proposal presented to client on: 4th March 2014

Objective of proposal:

This is a proposal which has been tailor-made for the client and according to it, the company shall be offering music and singing services for the family function organized by the client that is on 15th March 2014.  Our musicians shall be entertaining your guests during your function and we wish to offer some important details which are as follows:

Details of the proposal:

  • Hardy and Lauren entertainers shall be holding a pop music night for the client, as per his specifications from 8 pm to 11 pm on 15th March 2014.
  • There will be 5 musicians and 2 singers performing on the night of the 25th wedding anniversary and we shall also be offering complimentary show hosting services.
  • The musicians will also be performing on requested songs or numbers.
  • The total entertainment cost that we will be charging is $1000 for 3 hours.

Signature of company head:

Greg White

Hardy and Laurel Entertainers and Musicians